Saving Species

Conservation Priorities

Why Species?

Species are the most visible element of biodiversity, having a unique ecological role. Conserving species across their natural ranges is vital for preventing further erosion in their genetic diversity that provides basis for long-term survival and increases resilience to environmental changes.

Our Aim

SABUKO aims at conserving birds’ species diversity in Georgia and ensures they continue playing a role in the web of life and contribute to the global strategy goals of Birdlife International.

The Difference We Make

Conservation of imperial eagles, protection of Batumi flyway, participation in conservation planning processes and increasing scientific data on species distribution is a short list of our our work.

We aim to produce scientific evidence for: protecting important biodiversity hotspots in the country, shaping the government’s policy and understanding how different interventions may affect species distribution. Our data combines population numbers and distribution of birds, mammals and amphibians of Georgia.

In addition, we try to deliver our results in stories and images to ensure that people are inspired to take actions for nature conservation.


Conservation of Birds

Implement direct conservation measures for selected species, defined by the action plans.

Bird Monitoring Schemes

Implementing Common Bird Monitoring scheme

Stop Illegal Killing of Birds

Reduce the number of illegal hunting in Ajara Region of Georgia

Improve Scientific Knowledge

Create a National Breeding Bird Atlas for Georgia


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