Who We are

SABUKO (Society for Nature Conservation) is a nature conservation NGO based in Georgia, created as a successor of the GCCW - Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife. Our Mission is protect, conserve and restore wildlife and their habitats in Georgia, increase the valuation of nature by the public and encourage the sustainable use of natural resources. We have various focuses, such as:

Monitoring of Species and Ecosystems

Taking The Conservation Measures

Carrying out awareness raising campaigns

SABUKO’s Work Is Leaded By Following Departments

SABUKO is registered in 2014 in Georgia as a non-governmental, non-commercial organization. We are local partner of Birdlife International, which is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership.

Conservation - Research

Develops strategies, determines gaps in species and habitat conservation and plans the actions, to ensure that ecosystems and important habitats are healthy and maintain viable populations.


Advocates protection of ecosystems, reviews the national and international policies in nature conservation and elaborates SABUKO’s positions. Team monitors environmental impact assessment documents and provides feedback when needed.


Plans awareness raising programmes for different target groups. Team aims to increase understanding and valuation of natural resources by the people. They also develop various materials which can assist to teachers and other educators during their lessons.


Communications team has a key role to link people to our work and nature conservation. Team manages SABUKO’s membership programme and engage people in different campaigns.



Our Offer

birdwatching tours to the Caucasus, including Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Business for nature

It is a model which enables the development of strong local ecotourism operators and a funding-generating mechanism for BirdLife partners.

Why Us?

With over a decade of experience in the region and an international team, we are in a unique position to guarantee you a most rewarding birding holiday.

In Batumi

We cooperate with the Batumi Raptor Count to make this unique bird migration hotspot accessible to visiting birdwatchers and to promote its sustainable development.