Far to often the natural life in cities is beyond awareness for most people. But cities are as well an environment. Full of life. Enhancement of biodiversity in urban ecosystems can have a positive impact on the quality of life and education of urban dwellers and thus facilitate the preservation of biodiversity in natural ecosystems. With their Urban Bird Trails SABUKO wants to draw attention to the birdlife in the city.

Tbilisi’s birdlife is not restricted to specific parks. Birds are actually everywhere. However, SABUKO created some hotspots, which are completely artificial, but are areas which provide particular birdwatching opportunities. Places, which are popular for birds and people alike.

Tbilisi has not only been a major junction on the migration routes of goods and people – the ancient silk roads. It is as well situated along major bird migratory routes. During migration time, this gives you as well the opportunity, to catch sight of birds which are really only passing through. From about 385 birds recorded for Georgia, around 179 have been recorded in Tbilisi as well.

A checklist of Tbilisi’s birds might never be complete. Particular, as there is always a chance to see a bird on its passage from breading to wintering side or vice versa. However, species list is quite brought, due to the different ecosystems you can actually find in the boundaries of Tbilisi municipality.

The checklist follows the taxonomy provided on Avibase, following the nomenclature of Clements, 2018